Anyone who owns a home would agree the upkeep and repairs are never ending.  Yard work, painting, washing, and cleaning go on forever; ebbing and flowing with the seasons.  Sometimes components wear out, fail, and create noticeable issues.  Other times these failures aren’t noticeable until thy escalate into large and expensive problems; or worse yet, health and safety concerns.  One simple way to save your home from unnecessary damage is to have an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection; which is very similar to the Pre-Listing or Buyers Inspection, but usually a fraction of the cost.  The Annual Home Maintenance Inspection looks at the major systems and components:  plumbing, electrical, HVAC, structural, and roofing.


Sometimes plumbing materials degrade slowly over time before they fail completely.  Large leaks cause noticeable and expensive damages.  Small leaks if undetected can cause both damage and mold.


            Power surges, age, water, rodents, or non-professional work can wreak havoc on electrical service panels. Electricity, if not correctly contained, can cause death or fire.


            HVAC systems can last for a long time if properly maintained.  If not, they can not only create unnecessary expense, but can also contribute to mold growth.


Out-of-square windows and door frames can be a result of failures of the foundation.  Foundational issues are most times caused by water intrusion; which if identified early can be avoided.


Considering the cost of replacing your roof is exceptionally high, it’s imperative you identify defects and make repairs as soon as possible.  Heavy storms and the age of the roof can contribute to making your roof vulnerable to a penetration in the roof covering.   Even a small leak can deteriorate roofing material, destroy framing members, and initiate the growth of mold.




Just like going to see your doctor annually can help catch diseases and medical disorders before they become irreparable, your home deserves the same level of scrutiny.  Identifying a defect can be difficult for the untrained eye and should be left to a Professional Home Inspector.  Look at your Home Inspector as your “Home Doctor” who will protect your home and save you money…if you let them.


About the Author

Jeremy Miller, MBA – Jeremy is the Owner of TIER-1 ELITE INSPECTIONS; a Professional Home Inspection company serving Southern Kentucky.  Jeremy draws upon his vast background as a prior Navy SEAL, Military Officer, and Law Enforcement Executive, to create, lead, and manage high-performance teams. He’s the proud husband of a beautiful wife and father to amazing children.

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