Everyone would agree our world can be dangerous. Real Estate professionals are not exempt from this danger.  According to the 2021 REALTORS® and Member Safety Report, in 2020, of the 14% of Realtors who felt unsafe,  41% of the time it was at Showings and 25% at Open Houses.  During my time as a Law Enforcement Officer, I witnessed first hand the dangers we all face and learned how to mitigate that risk.  Here are five ways you can stay safe…

2 is 1, 1 is None

When I was a Navy SEAL we lived by many axioms; one of which was “2 is 1, 1 is None.”  This concept deals with the importance of redundancy.  Having two realtors at an Open House greatly enhances safety; not to mention convenience.  A criminal is far less likely to attack two people.

Unit Checks

            Law Enforcement Officers are consistently in harms way and could be attacked at any moment.  As such, their Communications Center will conduct Unit Checks at set periods of time to ensure they’re still safe.  If you have to conduct an Open House by yourself or you’re alone at a Showing you can have a co-worker, friend, or family member call you at set intervals to ensure you’re safe.  If you don’t respond, they can ask Law Enforcement to conduct a Welfare Check to make sure you’re alright.

Cell Phone Apps

            There are several software applications for your cellular telephone which can help keep you safe by showing your whereabouts and allowing you to signal others if you’re in danger.  I discovered an all-inclusive app named bsafe which has all of the features you need to keep you safe: Voice Activation, SOS, Live Streaming, Follow Me, I’m Here, etc…


Personal-Defense Weapons

            The Member Safety Report also revealed 50% of Realtors carry personal-defense weapons; with the majority carrying pepper spray (18%) and firearms (14%).

Get Off the X

Get Off the X is a metaphor meaning to remove yourself from danger; in which the X represents the danger.  Run, Hide, Fight is the mantra of Active Shooter instructors and what you can effectively use to “get off the X.”

Run – If  able, you should run from the danger.   This forces the criminal to chase you and in doing so exposes him to being caught.  Most times, criminals will not pursue you outside of a residence.  Once you’re outside and able, you should go to your car. Your car affords you added protection and a means of escape.  If unable to get to your car, continue to run down the street and scream for help.

Hide – If you’re unable to run you should hide.  Find a good hiding place, silence your cellphone, and call 911. The equipment at 911 communication centers is able to clearly hear a whisper on the line.  So don’t feel compelled to yell.  Stay hidden until Law Enforcement arrives or you’re 100% sure the criminal is gone.

Fight – Fighting is your last resort.  Fight as if your life depended on it; because it may. You may consider taking a self defense course so you’re adequately prepared for the unexpected.



Although we live in an unsafe world, there are steps we can take to mitigate the risk of becoming victims.  Being safe is a decision.  If you want to learn more, many Realty Offices offer Personal Defense classes taught by subject matter experts.


About the Author

Jeremy Miller, MBA – Jeremy is the Owner of TIER-1 ELITE INSPECTIONS; a Professional Home Inspection company serving Southern Kentucky.  Jeremy draws upon his vast background as a prior Navy SEAL, Military Officer, and Law Enforcement Executive, to create, lead, and manage high-performance teams.  He’s the proud husband of a beautiful wife and father to amazing children.

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  1. Shawnette Jackson
    Shawnette Jackson says:

    Thank you Jeremy for sharing this information. I am so glad to have met you. This information could one day save my life or the life of someone around me. You are an amazing person. Best wishes to you always!!


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