Buying a home can be stressful in and of itself.  You look and look for the home you want and take tour after tour.  Once you finally find “the one,” you have the stress of making the offer and hoping it’s accepted.  With an accepted offer, your stress now grows exponentially as you await the esoteric results of the Appraisal and its more straight-forward sister, the Home Inspection.

The Home Inspection is typically the victim of much underserved anger and resentment.  It has a candor only appreciated by the Buyer; as the Seller just believes, “it’s being rude.”  It’s easy to see why the Home Inspection has gotten a bad rap when viewed in the entirety of the process: a written Home Inspection Report, checklists, photographs, what the Home Inspector said directly to you, and the Seller’s Disclosure.  Yes, it’s overwhelming.

However, there are really only four issues which really matter:

  1. Major Defects (such as a structural failure)
  2. Things which lead to Major Defects (such as a small leak due to a defective roof flashing)
  3. Things that may impede your ability to obtain financing, legally occupy the home, or obtain insurance.
  4. Safety Hazards

Any of the above-listed issues should be corrected as soon as possible.  However, any other defects cited in the Home Inspection Report can be dealt with later.  It’s also important to remember…no home is perfect.

About the Author

Jeremy Miller, MBA – Jeremy is the Owner of TIER-1 ELITE INSPECTIONS; a Professional Home Inspection company serving Southern Kentucky.  Jeremy draws upon his vast background as a prior Navy SEAL, Military Officer, and Law Enforcement Executive, to create, lead, and manage high-performance teams.  He’s the proud husband of a beautiful wife and father to amazing children.

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